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The Science Behind the Sport

Students attending the recent Education Days at Whitaker Bank Ballpark in Lexington were taught about the science behind the sport of baseball, exploring concepts such as angles, speed and velocity.

Industries across the state and the nation have long been touting the importance of STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and math) learning in schools to develop a strong workforce.

To add an extra component of fun to the learning process, the Lexington Legends minor league baseball team partnered with Lexington-based Lexmark International this year to use the sport of baseball to help students master STEM-related concepts.

On April 11 and May 9, students from across the Lexington area took in a Legends game at Whitaker Bank Ballpark for Education Days. During those games, students learned about the science of baseball with launch angles, speed, velocity and more being broadcast on the television screens of the concourse. A STEM Fair, sponsored by Lexmark, was also held to allow students to experience hands-on learning through interactive exhibits set up by area businesses, including WKYT, Kentucky American Water, Whitaker Bank, Denham-Blythe and the U.S. Army.

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“Learning through hands-on activities related to baseball sparks an interest in STEM, steering our youth toward successful careers in critical fields,” said Sheri Evans Depp, Lexmark’s director of Global Talent Management, Diversity and Corporate Citizenship and NA Business Partners. “Lexmark and other innovative companies will need these qualified candidates to fill future STEM jobs. And as a nation, we will rely on this next generation of innovators to drive our economy.“

In 2017, 4,500 Fayette County Public School students participated in the program. This year, the number grew to 8,600 students actively participating in the initiative.