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Exclusive interview with Gov. Matt Bevin coming in special issue of The Lane Report

Gov. Matt Bevin

By Lane Report staff

In a special double June-July issue, The Lane Report will present of an exclusive sit-down interview with Gov. Matt Bevin in an extended version of the magazine’s popular centerpiece Lane One-on-One feature.

Bevin has been an unprecedented newsmaker as Kentucky’s first Republican governor in nearly 100 years to also have a Republican legislature. After passing a series of long-sought pro-business measures in early 2017, the state shattered economic development records last year. Investment announcements totaled $9.2 billion, nearly double the previous best year.

While being an energetic change agent, Bevin grants few interview requests. He said yes, however, to The Lane Report, the state business community’s most trusted news platform, answering questions for more than an hour.

In our next issue, Bevin details how and why the phenomenal economic investment and job creation announcements piled up last year.

The governor discusses the Kentucky tax reforms enacted this year, along with whether he will seek additional change in the state’s tax base.

Bevin also reviews pension system reforms the House and Senate undertook at his strong urging to address the state’s worst-in-the-nation unfunded pension liability, presenting his perspective on what was accomplished and still must be done.

Readers will learn about the strategy behind the governor’s pursuit of development of the metals industry, hear what type of immigration he favors, and his views on the need for change in the public education system that is central to developing the state’s workforce.

The special double issue also will include reports on the increasing role of solar energy in Kentucky’s electric power grid, a look at the state’s booming and nation-leading aluminum industry, the first in a three-part series examining the important role behavioral health care plays in business workforce productivity and much more.

The Lane Report expects the June-July issue to be the most read in our 33-year history. Special advertising opportunities are available to present your message to Kentucky’s top decision makers – for print and digital marketing details, email [email protected] or call (859) 244-3534.

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