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Update on condition of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts building since June 13 fire

Barrel ceiling with some plaster removed.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (June 29, 2018) — For the last week a significant amount of work on The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (KCA) has progressed to the point that KCA staff will be allowed to return to their offices on Monday, while work continues to resume performances as soon as possible.

“I want to commend my staff and contractors who are working tirelessly on clean-up efforts and getting mechanical and electrical systems up and running,” said Finance Cabinet Secretary William M. Landrum III. “We are still trying to determine a realistic timeframe for the overall restoration project, as well as phasing in different areas of the building as they become available.”

The Finance and Administration Cabinet, the owner of the building, is managing clean-up efforts, hiring contractors and coordinating necessary inspections with state and local officials.

“I know this has been a trying time for Kim Baker and her staff at the KCA,” noted Sec. Landrum. “They have been a tremendous help to us in addition to taking care of their patrons and partners.”

“Every day we are making progress,” said Kim Baker, Kentucky Center president and CEO. “Thanks to the hard work, leadership and open communication from our friends and partners in the Finance Cabinet, we know the restoration is moving forward in a swift and safe manner. We appreciate the community’s support and patience during this challenging time.”

The following is an overview of progress to date since the fire occurred:

Clean Up Continues: The contractor has finished clean-up in the main theaters, which suffered mainly smoke and limited water damage. Clean-up continues in other areas.

Architectural Review: Architects have been reviewing as-built drawings and have been on site for the last week conducting analysis of the affected areas of the facility that require restoration. The team is documenting the “put back” scope of work, which will aid in cost estimates.

Hazardous Materials: As crews work through certain areas, some testing was needed to ensure no hazardous materials were present. All lab tests of suspect materials have come back negative.

Electrical Systems: Electrical service to the administration office area and a significant portion of the building received approval from the state electrical inspector. Electrical service to those areas has been restored. Work on isolated electrical systems continues.

Plaster Removal from Barrel Ceiling: Contractors removed a test panel of the ceiling on June 28, which allows them to determine what will be involved for removal and estimate time and manpower needed. As plaster removal progresses, architects and engineers can examine the main roof support structure for damage. If any issues are found within the main structural system of the barrel vault roof, roof replacement cannot begin until those repairs are completed.

Fire Alarm and Suppression System: The systems were tested and are deemed functional. Efforts continue today to complete some temporary electrical service to three sub panels.

Building Access: Access is limited to contractors. Beginning Monday, KCA employees will be given building access. Business or other guests will not be allowed in until state inspectors give approval, depending on additional electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems restoration. If progress continues at the current pace, the building could be open for business visitors sometime next week.

“So many people are helping us as we work through getting systems up,” said Andrew Casebier, director of the Division of Engineering, part of the Finance Cabinet. “Without the quick, on-call accessibility of Don Cravens, state electrical inspector, LaRoy Martin, state fire marshal, and Brian Meurer, Louisville fire marshal, we would not have been able to get these systems inspected, approved and operating.

“Also Jim Bond, the state building codes enforcement officer, has provided extraordinary assistance and guidance. We could not have made the progress we have made without these important partners understanding the importance of getting this facility to a stable and safe condition quickly.”

The Finance and Administration Cabinet will provide regular updates and communications to the media and community as the process continues.

For questions or information regarding tickets and shows, contact The Kentucky Center Box Office at 502-584-7777 or visit kentuckycenter.org.

Additional information on the Finance Cabinet is available online at http://finance.ky.gov/.