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Kentucky Lottery again breaks sales and dividend records in FY18

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 17, 2018) – For the second year in a row, sales of Kentucky Lottery tickets have exceeded a billion dollars in a single fiscal year.

For FY18, which ended June 30, overall lottery sales were $1,042,512,000. This is the largest sales figure in Kentucky Lottery history and is a $42 million (4.2 percent) jump over last year’s record-breaking number.

Scratch-off tickets once again were the largest individual game category, finishing the year at $613.1 million. This is a $9.3 million (1.5 percent) increase from the previous year. Mega Millions saw the largest percentage increase of any game, rising 36.9 percent ($10.7 million) to $39.8 million. The increase was due in large part to several large jackpot runs over the course of FY18. Powerball also saw solid jackpot performance, helping that game realize $77.9 million in sales (up 8.0 percent).

Daily draw games continued to perform strongly, as Pick 3 sales rose to $149.7 million (up 3.0 percent) and Cash Ball 225 sales rose to $11.5 million (up 10.7 percent). Pick 4 sales declined slightly to $43.5 million (down 2.6 percent).

Keno continued its positive growth trend, ending the year with $82.8 million (up 9.3 percent). iLottery internet sales also rose from $5.2 million in FY17 to $10.2 million in FY18.

“Several new initiatives really helped push sales to this record-breaking level,” said KLC President and CEO Tom Delacenserie. “An increased emphasis on marketing and in-store messaging, changes in prize structures that players really liked, and new measures implemented by our outstanding staff and retailers are the reason for this increase. FY18 was a year where we laid the groundwork for continued success, so we look to continue this growth pattern into FY19.”

Transfers to the Commonwealth were also at a record level – $262.8 million, an increase of $11.2 million.