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LivingWell Health Clinic opens in Louisville

Employees at the L&N Building to have free onsite clinic
The L&N Building in Louisville, site of Kentucky’s newest LivingWell Health Clinic

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 31, 2018) – The Kentucky Personnel Cabinet, with support from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), today opened its fifth LivingWell Health Clinic for state employees. This newest clinic, located at the L&N Building in Louisville, will serve approximately 800 employees working in the building. It’s the first state employee clinic located outside of Frankfort.

LivingWell Health Clinics are managed by Premise Health and are provided by the Personnel Cabinet’s Department of Employee Insurance as part of the wellness benefits package offered to state employees. They provide a convenient solution for employees to access affordable and high-quality care at their work site.

“Our goal will always be to support a healthy, happy and productive workforce. In so doing, I would put our wellness benefits up against any other large employer,” said Personnel Cabinet Secretary Thomas Stephens. “Through the use of the health clinics, and many of our other wellness benefits, employees are saving on out-of-pocket medical expenses, preserving leave balances, but, most importantly, they’re staying healthier.”

Patients can receive care from a board-certified nurse practitioner – a registered nurse with advanced training in diagnosing and treating common illnesses and medical problems. The clinics specialize in treating allergies, ear infections, strep throat, minor infections, rashes, routine wellness and preventative care, and cold and flu. Vaccinations and allergy shots are also provided.

“The clinics certainly aren’t intended to replace a primary care provider, but they have proven to be a convenient alternative for employees who need medical attention while at work,” added Jenny Goins, commissioner of the Department of Employee Insurance. “It has been our privilege to partner with Premise Health to provide this invaluable service to our employees, and we appreciate our colleagues at CHFS and the other agencies here who have worked with us to bring the health clinic here to Louisville.”

Goins explained that significant savings to the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan, coupled with high utilization rates, have made it possible to expand clinic services, hours and nursing staff. “While we’re thrilled about the cost savings to the health plan, we’re most importantly happy to know we’re providing a beneficial service to our employees and contributing to their health and well-being.”

An average appointment takes about 10-20 minutes and is free to the employee. The L&N Building clinic will be available to employees daily from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

“We are excited to provide this valuable service to our employees in the L&N Building,” concluded CHFS Secretary Adam Meier. “We are extremely appreciative of the important work they do for the cabinet and for the commonwealth. This innovative, free work-site service is a great benefit. It’s fitting that the first clinic of this type outside of Frankfort is at a CHFS facility.”

Babette Owens worked with DCBS at the Hazelwood Immediate Care facility for 10 years before starting at the DCBS Family Support Office at the L&N Building five years ago. “When I first heard about the clinic, I thought it was for clients, but I recognized the connection of the ‘Living Well’ name from our insurance,” she said. “I was so glad to have this service right in the building.” Owens said she is diabetic and must track her health levels like blood pressure. “It’s so easy – I’ll probably use it,” she said. “And it may keep people from missing a day of work when they have a spike in blood pressure or have had a fever.”

Jane Deuster, an executive administrative secretary with CHFS said, “I took the plunge this morning and was dubbed the very first customer here at the L&N Building. I found the Premise Health facility to be state of the art, and the staff is professional, efficient, and friendly.”

In 2011, four health clinics were opened on a trial basis in Frankfort, where the majority of commonwealth employees work. Nearly 13,500 visits were made to the clinics in 2017. Popular services include allergy and flu shots, as well as treatment of upper respiratory infections and sinusitis. Many employees find the clinics offer easy access to services, especially when illness strikes unexpectedly.

Learn more about the clinics at LivingWell.ky.gov. Employees can create an account and schedule an appointment by visiting https://LivingWell.goandbewell.com.