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Lexmark launches enhanced retail print and digital signage solution

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 2, 2018) /PRNewswire/ — Lexington-based Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader, on Thursday introduced a new version of Lexmark Print and Digital Signage, a unique and powerful solution that automates the store signage and labeling processes, allowing retailers to easily print and publish quality, on-demand signs, labels and tags, freeing store staff to interact with customers.

The latest version features enhanced mobile capabilities that allow store associates to make signage without leaving the sales floor, so customers get the attention they need to make buying decisions.

“Generating engaging and accurate in-store signage is a challenge for retailers across the globe, as stores struggle with price changes, pricing integrity, template management and waste,” said John Linton, director, Lexmark Retail Industry Solutions. “We developed the Lexmark Print and Digital Signage solution to automate the in-store signage process, helping retailers quickly and easily develop engaging, accurate and on-brand signage so store staff can be on the sales floor with customers.”

The Lexmark Print and Digital Signage solution is a proven enterprise solution for printing and publishing shelf-edge signs, labels and tags used in retail stores. The Lexmark Publishing Platform, which evolved from AccessVia, uses one system to print paper signs from laser printers in the store, produce volumes of press-ready output for high-speed printing at a central location, and print electronic shelf labels, allowing brand consistency across all signs and reducing IT costs.

Solution benefits include:

  • Mobility: Mobile applications allow staff to create, audit and print signage when they need it, where they need it–from the sales floor instead of the back office.
  • Automation: Automated, graphically-rich sign production with Lexmark color/spot color hardware ensures your brand and messaging is well represented in every aisle. Rules-based formatting, dynamic graphics, and multi-item groupings simplify the production of complex signs.
  • Scalability: Signage solutions scale to meet the needs of the largest retailers in the world, where productivity gains are multiplied in thousands of store locations.  
  • Accuracy: Lexmark software helps ensure price integrity from the host pricing systems, to shelf, and to the register.
  • Localization:  Signs can be localized with store-specific pricing, quantities and formats, in the proper shelf sequence.

“Lexmark solutions are used in more than 70,000 retail stores across the globe, giving us unique insights into the challenges retailers face,” said Allen Waugerman, Lexmark senior vice president and chief technology officer. “Our Print and Digital Signage solution, now enhanced with increased mobile capabilities, is another way Lexmark empowers retailers to enhance customer service and increase profits.”

The Lexmark Print and Digital Signage solution is available directly from Lexmark.