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Louisville airports receive $24.4M from FAA infrastructure grants

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Louisville Regional Airport Authority has received $24.4 million in airport infrastructure grants from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Airport Improvement Program.

The FAA awarded $586 million in airport infrastructure grants, as part of the total $3.18 billion in AIP funding for airports across the United States.

Louisville International Airport (SDF) received $23,305,246 in grants and Bowman Field (LOU) received $1,172,498 in grants. The grants will be used for various improvements at both airports.

“Louisville is the third busiest cargo airport in the United States and operating a safe and efficient airport is vital to our customers and worldwide commerce,” said Dan Mann, executive director of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority. “These funds ensure our infrastructure is ready to meet the demands of today and for the foreseeable future.”

Louisville International Airport’s grant will fund multiple projects including drainage improvements, installing airfield guidance signs, improving aprons and concrete shoulders, repairing taxiway and runway pavement and lighting systems and other planning and development projects.

“I’m thrilled to see this federal investment at Louisville International Airport, which will be used to continue improvements to its runways, taxiways, and other long-term development,” said Congressman John Yarmuth. “From passenger travel to commercial and cargo shipments, Louisville’s airport is a key driver of our local and regional economy, and it is why we must continue to have a strong commitment to transportation and infrastructure funding at the federal level.”

Bowman Field’s grant will fund various improvements including installing airfield guidance signs, navigational aids, upgrading lighting on runways and taxiways.

“These improvements will improve the efficiency and reliability of the airport electrical systems and benefit Bowman Field for years to come,” Mann continued.

Each year, the FAA awards a formulated amount of AIP entitlement funding to airports across the country based on activity levels and project needs.

Under the leadership of Secretary Elaine L. Chao, the United States Department of Transportation has delivered AIP investments to strengthen the safety and efficiency of America’s airports. America’s infrastructure, especially its 3,323 airports and 5,000 paved runways, increases the country’s competitiveness and improves the traveling public’s experience.