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GLI says it is 56% of the way to its Louisville 2020 fundraising goal

LOUISVILLE (Oct. 29, 2018) – Less than a week after hosting more than 600 business leaders at the newly renovated Kentucky International Conventions Center, Greater Louisville Inc. is proud to announce that our organization has completed 56 percent of the fundraising for the Greater Louisville 2020 Campaign, as of noon Friday.

“We are closer to achieving our fundraising goal which would have a collective $5.4 billion impact on the region,” GLI President and CEO Kent Oyler said. “Now in our final push we are calling on companies and individuals to donate towards the future of our local economy and GLI’s mission to accelerate regional economic growth.”

Monday’s Business at Breakfast at Lunch event, presented by LG&E KU, featured the insights of Brown-Forman CEO Paul Varga and Kindred Healthcare President & CEO Ben Breier. The two spoke about the future of their companies and drew comparisons with the future vision for Greater Louisville.

Mr. Varga discussed investing in the brand of Louisville similar to Brown-Forman’s investment in its heritage brands along with innovation.

“Our ability to grow as a city is dependent on strong brand billing,” he said. Mr. Varga also noted that Louisville must highlight what makes it stand out as a city to grow into its full potential.

“Kindred Healthcare is a stable player in the Louisville community for decades to come,” Mr. Breier noted while discussing his company’s recent sale. He focused on Louisville’s growing aging care sector, the industry’s positive trajectory on a national scale, and the positive impacts the region can expect from that trend.

Greater Louisville 2020’s Campaign Chair, Bill Samuels Jr. also took time to address the crowd on Monday, telling them this is his last campaign and expressing a desire to go out on top.

“This is a well-conceived, business-forward program to stimulate economic growth, population growth, and public policy. It will result in a critical payoff which touches everyone in this room,” Mr. Samuels said. “This is an exciting time for all of us. A time when we can help shape our own futures through unity of purpose, bold initiative, and true commitment.”

Greater Louisville 2020 is an aggressive and comprehensive economic growth and capacity building initiative centered around three distinct goals:
1. Recruit businesses and grow jobs
2. Recruit, grow, and retain workforce
3. Advocate for a strong business environment
For more information on Greater Louisville 2020, click here.