Survivor fans, meet your new champion: Nick Wilson, the public defender from Kentucky

Nick Wilson

Survivor fans, meet your new champion: Nick Wilson, the public defender from Kentucky and sole surviving member of the David tribe, is the winner of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Nick earned the Sole Survivor title and the $1 million at the climax of the two-hour finale, in which he unexpectedly lost a key ally in Davie Rickenbacker, participated in the not-quite-a-blindside of Alison Raybould, and sent Kara Kay to her doom in the form of the final four fire-making challenge, a new Survivor staple since season 35. With those three opponents out of the way and three consecutive immunity challenge wins under his belt, Nick walked away from the season’s final Tribal Council with enough votes in his favor to win the title, defeating longtime allies Mike White and Angelina Keeley of the Goliath tribe.

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