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Are you one of Kentucky’s Best Bets?

Does your company’s talents and innovation deserve to be highlighted as one of Kentucky’s Best Bets? Business growth throughout Kentucky is critical to the continued expansion of Kentucky’s economy, and vital to job relation throughout the commonwealth. In efforts to recognize the distinct and esteemed companies that are impacting Kentucky’s economic development, The Lane Report and Dean Dorton have created a special report, Kentucky’s Proof, and the Best Bets list.

“We created the Best Bets list to highlight the unbelievable talent and innovation happening with Kentucky-based companies,” said David Bundy, president and CEO of Dean Dorton. “We’ve seen tremendous growth and change in our state throughout the last 20 years, and the companies on this list are often the initiators of that progress — something we want and need to celebrate.

“We were thrilled with the number and variety of applications we received last year and look forward to reviewing the accomplishments of companies throughout Kentucky, even though Kentucky continues to trail the nation in the growth rate of jobs, population, wages and salaries according to a recent publication from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. There are significant successes being made in Kentucky and we look forward to showcasing them.”

Those honored as Best Bets companies will benefit from heightened market awareness for their business and employees. Leveraging this positive recognition can enhance your company’s brand, attract and retain customers, and develop a strong employee talent pool.

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