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First new Kentucky Lottery nightly draw game in 7 years has launched

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Kentucky Lottery has launched the first new in-state nightly draw game in seven years. Kentucky’s Quick Bucks is now available at all Kentucky Lottery retailers.

The $1 game, available only in Kentucky, will be part of the Lottery’s nightly draw offerings taking place at 11 PM Eastern every night. The draw show can be watched on the Lottery’s website at kylottery.com.

Much like the Powerball or Mega Millions games, Kentucky’s Quick Bucks players will pick numbers drawn from two different machines. They will pick four numbers from a field of 31 in one machine, and one Kentucky Ball number from a field of five in the second. Players can win from $2 for matching only the Kentucky Ball, and up to the top prize of $50,000 by matching all 4 numbers plus the Kentucky Ball.

Several features of the game make it unique, including the ability for players to win additional prizes if their numbers are drawn in the same order displayed on their tickets, and the ability to place a $5 WHEEL bet where players get all five Kentucky Ball numbers on their ticket (and are guaranteed a minimum $2 win). Kentucky is the first state to ever offer this type of wager.

The game joins Pick 3, Pick 4, CashBall 225 and 5 Card Cash which are also drawn every evening.

“We hope players like this new draw game, and I think the WHEEL bet is going to be a unique component they’ll really respond to,” said Kentucky Lottery President and CEO Tom Delacenserie. “As is the case with everything we do, any additional revenue we can generate from new games like this helps send kids to college. That’s a motivator which drives us every day.”