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Lexington gets high marks for work-life balance

Lexington ranks ninth on a recent study by SmartAsset looking at cities around the country with the best work-life balance.

A healthy work-life balance is something most U.S. professionals highly value, with 53 percent of employees saying that a job conducive to a greater work-life balance and improved personal well-being is “very important,” according to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace 2017 report. When SmartAsset recently ranked the best cities for a good work-life balance, Lexington landed at the No. 6 spot.

According to the study and U.S. Census Bureau data, housing costs average just 26 percent of income for the median full-time worker in Lexington, a primary factor in the Central Kentucky hub’s strong ranking. The five cities ahead of Lexington were (1) Madison, Wis.; (2) Lincoln, Neb.; (3) Omaha, Neb.; (4) Henderson, Nev.; and (5) Boise, Idaho.

SmartAsset looked at data on the 100 largest cities in the country, analyzing metrics that included entertainment establishment density, dining establishment density, bar density, housing costs as a percent of income, average weeks worked per year, average hours worked per week, average commute time, percent of commutes that are at least an hour, unemployment rate and labor force participation rate.

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