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Adenna and NuTrend Disposables finalize merger

New entity, to be called Adenna LLC, becomes official April 1

The previously announced merger of Adenna and NuTrend is complete and will become official April 1, 2019. The intent to merge the two independent companies was announced last September, with the operations of both companies being consolidated under the Adenna name.

Since then the two entities have been engaged in the coalescing of business practices and consolidation of the enterprise. All shipping, inventory and other corporate functions have been united, including a new headquarters in Irvine, Calif.

Customers have already been alerted; this is a public announcement.

Merging the brands allows customers to benefit from a wider combined product offering. Adenna customers will enjoy a greatly expanded selection across key categories attractive to many different types of industries and markets. The new Adenna product offering now encompasses disposable and work gloves, wiping cloths, rags, microfiber products, infection control, personal protective equipment, sorbents, air care, toilet seat covers and menstrual care items.

Distributors create their own signature bundles by placing a single order for only the items they need, thus increasing efficiency, reducing delivery time and lowering shipping costs.

“The new Adenna brings greater value to customers with an expanded product offering, channel-specific sales leaders, cutting-edge marketing, and outstanding customer service. The convenience, quality, and value created for our customers is unmatched,” said Jessilyn Duke, vice president of sales for Adenna. “We are now a stronger brand, offering more products to more markets with a very ‘customer-specific’ approach: Flexible, Forward-Thinking, and Strategic.”

NuTrend’s web URL will now begin redirecting to a new expanded and improved www.adenna.com.

Adenna is a sister business to HOSPECO, and both are under the umbrella of parent organization The Tranzonic Companies. HOSPECO and Adenna both belong to the newly formed HOSPECO Brands Group, which Tranzonic formed to manage its portfolio of commercial distribution companies.