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Craft Academy at Morehead State welcomes class of 2021

MOREHEAD, Ky. — The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University has announced the members of the 2021 class.

Sixty students from across the Commonwealth were chosen to attend the Craft Academy, located on the campus of Morehead State University. The students live in Grote-Thompson Hall and earn dual credit as they complete their final two years of high school at the academy while also taking college-level courses.

Students who apply are selected to attend the academy for excelling in science, math and other STEM-related fields. They must also conduct a face-to-face interview and submit recommendations from teachers, coaches and mentors.

Students in the Craft Academy Class of 2021 are (by county):

  • Anderson: Ryan Grzynkowicz II, son of Amber Jenkins and G.W. Jenkins II and Ryan Matthew Grzynkowicz I from Anderson County High School.
  • Bath: Lydia Saunders, daughter of Marnaand Charlie Saunders from Bath County High School.
  • Boone: Hallei Bittlinger, daughter of Frederick and Lorie Bittlinger from Conner High School.
  • Bourbon: Garrett Marshall, son of Russell Marshall and Kimberly Marshall from Bourbon County High School.
  • Boyd: Colby Winters, son of Kristie Kelley and Mat Winters from Boyd County High School.
  • Boyd: Grace Stubblefield, daughter of Melonie and Walter Stubblefield from Boyd County High School.
  • Breathitt: Cameron Snowden, son of Gregory Snowden and Renee Davidson from Jackson Independent School.
  • Bullitt: Jamisen McCrary, son of Jeffrey and Jennifer McCrary from Riverview Opportunity Center.
  • Carter: Dylan Pennington, son of Rick and Lydia Pennington from East Carter High School.
  • Clark: Egypt Frye, daughter of Jennifer Frye and Robert Frye, Darrell Brooksll, Tina Frye from George Rogers Clark High School.
  • Clay: William White, son of Joe and Beth White from Manchester.
  • Fayette: David Clark, son of LTC William Clark and Cynthia Clark from Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School.
  • Fayette: Hannah Botts, daughter of Jeff and Karen Botts from Tates Creek High School.
  • Fayette: Kayla Turney, daughter of Steven and Gwynne Turney from Lafayette Senior High School.
  • Fayette: Relmond Van Daniker, son of Lesley Van Daniker, Ryan Van Daniker from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School.
  • Fayette: William Boone, son of William and Ann Boone from Sphinx Academy.
  • Franklin: Jai Joshi, son of Vineet Kumar and Rachil Malhotra from Western Hills High School.
  • Franklin: Kavya Vasudevan, daughter of Vasu Vasudevan and Kappu Karpagam from Western Hills High School.
  • Franklin: Kyle Reed, son of Natalie Lile and David Reed from Western Hills High School.
  • Greenup: Anna Edens, daughter of Neil and Beth Edens from Russell High School.
  • Greenup: Cole Murray, son of Ed and Missy Murray from Russell High School.
  • Greenup: Isabella (Izzy) McCloud, daughter of Tonja and Brian McCloud from Russell High School.
  • Greenup: Katelyn Collins, daughter of Patrick Collins and Amanda Liles from Russell High School.
  • Greenup: Kendall Staton, daughter of Kimberly Staton and James Staton from Russell High School.
  • Hardin: Cherokee Drake, daughter of Tonya Dixon and Gary Drake from North Hardin High School.
  • Hardin: Samuel McAnally, son of Teresa Brunner and Scott McAnally from Elizabethtown High School.
  • Henderson: Hunter Hayden, daughter of Shawn and Shannon Hayden from Henderson County High School.
  • Henry: Adam Porter, son of John Porter and Brinda Porter from Henry County High School/ iLEAD Academy.
  • Jefferson: Leah Nichter, daughter of Jennifer Nichter and Kevin Nichter from Assumption High School.
  • Jessamine: Lucas Devole, son of Charles Devole and Linda Devole, homeschooled.
  • Kenton: Cassidy Hayes, daughter of Tim Hayes and Teresa Burton from Dixie Heights High School.
  • Laurel: Gavin McCoy, son of Shawn and Katherine McCoy from South Laurel High School.
  • Laurel: Paizley Stewart, daughter of Paul and Patricia Stewart from North Laurel High School.
  • Lawrence: Brock Kessinger, son of Dr. Michael and Leah Kessinger from Lawrence County High School.
  • Lawrence: Mark Webb, son of Jesse and Molly Meek, E.R. and Brenda Webb from Lawrence County High School.
  • Letcher: Paul Breeding, son of Kevin and Valerie Breeding from Jenkins High School.
  • Letcher: Sarah McAuley, daughter of Jim and Carla McAuley from Letcher County Central High School.
  • Letcher: Seth McCray, son of Ben McCray and Renee McCray from Letcher County Central High School.
  • Lewis: Cyrus Adams, son of Lorie and Marc Adams from Lewis County High School.
  • Madison: Zane Zhang, son of Zhe Zhang and Jun Zhao from Model Laboratory High School.
  • Mason: Caitlyn Davis, daughter of Tina Jones-Wallace and Rick Wallace from Mason County High School.
  • Mccracken: Mason Hancock, son of Skip and Dena Hancock from McCracken County High School.
  • Meade: Abigail Bodner, daughter of Louis Bodner and Vanessa Bodner from Meade County High School.
  • Montgomery: Kaylee Compton, daughter of Robert and Dora Compton from Montgomery County High School.
  • Montgomery: Meyrick Barnett, son of Scott and Tara Barnett from Montgomery County High School.
  • Nicholas: Anabel Peterman, daughter of Lorri Peterman from Nicholas County High School.
  • Perry: Haley Turner, daughter of Shonda Turner and James Turner from Perry County Central High School.
  • Perry: Sheridan Combs, daughter of Bradley Combs and Jennifer Kilburn from Perry County Central High School.
  • Perry: Taylen Hylton, son of Teressa Hylton and Jeff Hylton from Perry County Central High School.
  • Powell: Hannah Campbell, daughter of Otis Campbell and Brandi Campbell, and Ethan Moore and Katie Moore from Powell  County High School.
  • Robertson: Charlie Cochlin, daughter of Don and Lori Cochlin from Robertson County High School.
  • Rowan: Alexa Brunson, daughter of Diane and Craig Brunson from Rowan County Senior High School.
  • Rowan: Amy Yang, daughter of Jizhong Yang from Rowan County Senior High School.
  • Rowan: Maiqi Qin, daughter of Xiaomin Oney and Phillip Oney from Rowan County Senior High School.
  • Rowan: Sara Allen (Allie) Lewis, daughter of William and Amy Lewis from Lakeside Christian Academy.
  • Scott: Ethan Norsworthy, son of Amy Norsworthy and Jeffery Norsworthy from Scott County High School.
  • Scott: Rachel Poston, daughter of Eric and Rhonda Poston from Scott County High School.
  • Spencer: Jonathan Antonelli, son of Tara Antonelli and Michael Antonelli from Spencer County High School.
  • Spencer: Matthew Louis, son of Kim Louis from Spencer County High School.
  • Washington: Ethan Speer, son of Coy and Stephanie Speer from Washington County High School.

For more information about the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics, visit www.moreheadstate.edu/craft-academy.