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Kentucky Treasurer hosts nationwide financial leaders conference in Lexington

Allison Ball

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball gathered state treasurers, auditors, and controllers from across the United States in Kentucky for the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF) National Spring Meeting last week.

“It is an honor to serve as the National Chair of the State Financial Officers Foundation,” Treasurer Allison Ball said. “We have much to be proud of here in the Bluegrass State and it was my pleasure to share the strength and beauty of Kentucky with financial officers from across the country.”

Twice annually SFOF members gather to seek fiscally responsible solutions to problems facing our country and the states they serve. Discussions at the 2019 Spring Meeting in Kentucky included financial literacy and cybersecurity, two areas in which the Kentucky State Treasury has seen great success under Treasurer Ball’s direction.

“Treasurer Ball is an incredible ambassador for the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” SFOF President Derek Kreifels said. “She has been a leader nationally on advancements in financial literacy and awareness of cybersecurity threats. Other financial leaders benefitted greatly from hearing her office’s perspective on these important topics.”

The State Financial Officers Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-partisan organization built on promoting good government financial decisions through free market principles. SFOF was founded on the belief that state financial officers should play a greater role in promoting responsible financial public policy.