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KET and EWDC unveil new resource to aid state’s workforce development efforts

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky’s workforce is ever changing.

By the year 2020, it is projected that 63 percent of Kentucky jobs will require some postsecondary education or advanced training to meet workforce demands. Currently, Kentucky is facing a shortage of highly skilled workers to fill the approximately 115,000 open jobs available in the Commonwealth.

To help address Kentucky’s workforce demands, KET and the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC) unveiled a new resource, In Demand, to aid the state’s workforce development efforts and recruit Kentuckians into high-demand career sectors.

In Demand is a collection of videos with an accompanying website that provide an overview of careers available in Kentucky’s five high-demand sectors: advanced manufacturing, business & IT, construction, healthcare, and transportation & logistics. Individuals interested in learning more about how to pursue careers in high-demand sectors are referred to their local Kentucky Career Center for skills training and career placement services.

“With more than 115,000 open jobs available throughout Kentucky, we must ensure education and workforce efforts are providing Kentuckians with the skills and training to meet employer demand,” said Education and Workforce Cabinet Secretary Derrick K. Ramsey. “By partnering with KET, we are able to actively recruit Kentuckians into high-demand career sectors and place them on a path to financial stability and success through career training and job placement services offered through the Kentucky Career Center.”

“As Kentucky’s employment landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential that young people deciding on a career path and those already in the workforce seeking a transition are prepared to be successful in the jobs of today and tomorrow,” said Shae Hopkins, KET’s executive director and CEO. “These new resources, with a focus on high-demand career sectors, are helping to meet those needs.”

Featuring businesses and employees from across Kentucky, the fast-paced videos explore career opportunities available in those fields, discuss the skills required and highlight average salaries. Additionally, the companion website, available at KET.org/InDemand, furnishes links to additional resources for those who wish to learn more.

In Demand features 10 videos, covering the following career fields:

  • Advanced Manufacturing — Assembly
  • Advanced Manufacturing — Maintenance
  • Business Management Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Design and Engineering
  • Construction Trades
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services
  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Transportation
  • Logistics

The In Demand videos and career counseling are available at any of the Kentucky Career Center’s 61 locations throughout the state. The Kentucky Career Center connects job seekers with employment, workforce information, adult education and training opportunities. Job seekers interested in learning more about Kentucky’s high-demand career sectors can text InDemand to 74700 to be connected with a local career counselor.