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Lucina Health announces partnership with Trusted Health Plan

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Louisville-based Lucina Health, Inc. today announced it has signed an agreement with Trusted Health Plan, the premier Managed Healthcare Organization in Washington, D.C. The partnership is aimed at helping reduce preterm birth and maternal mortality in the District of Columbia.

Preterm birth and maternal mortality are national crises, with rates in the United States higher than any other developed country. Washington, D.C. was given a “D” grade by the March of Dimes on its latest Preterm Birth Report Card, with 10.6 percent of babies delivered prior to 37 weeks gestation. For black women in the District, that percentage is even higher at 12.5 percent.

Legislative efforts throughout the country are also focused on maternal mortality, with the recent passage of laws by Congress to make the birth process safer for women.

Lucina Health uses advanced analytics to identify pregnancies earlier (86 percent in the first and second trimesters) and then risk-stratify mothers so that health plan care managers may engage with them and help them mitigate the risk of early delivery.

“Lucina Health has been working for more than three years to improve the health of moms and babies, with some great results,” said Kevin Bramer, CEO. “We are excited to partner with Trusted Health Plan to empower it to deliver those same results for its members.”

Trusted Health Plan’s unique method of holistic care and member engagement is a perfect fit for Lucina Health’s analytics engine.

Trusted’s care managers engage daily with pregnant moms who are members of the plan. Both sides believe Lucina can help those care managers reach out quickly to the moms most at-risk to help make an even bigger impact on this critical situation for mothers and babies.