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New partnership and training with University of Louisville and World Trade Center Kentucky a success

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The World Trade Center Kentucky (WTC-KY) and University of Louisville have partnered on a new program to introduce MBA students to Global business practices and international business culture.

For the first time, the World Trade Center Kentucky pulled two topics (Intro to Global Markets and Essentials of Export Transactions) into online modules at the Delphi Studio at University of Louisville. Global Learning MBA Students watched a series of short, 5-minute videos, accompanied by research exercises to explore the topics. The remaining topics for the course were covered in a one-day program at UL on Saturday, May 18th.

This hybrid training session focused on providing a learning experience that is novel and prepares students for being a better community participant and global citizen. Trade experts at WTC-KY along with Lexmark, Brown-Forman, Amatrol, Kenmark, and the U.S. Commercial Service presented topics related to international business, culture, and operations.

The program, led by Chief Trade Officer, Darren Srebnick and Director of Training, Ian Mooers, with WTC-KY, introduced students to global markets, the essentials of export transactions, global market research and entering a foreign market, international business culture, the international sales cycle, and how to open an overseas office. An International Careers Panel wrapped up the program with students interacting with presenters and other guests about international careers, best practices, and exploring global business practices.

Students in the course were asked to provide 3 takeaways about their class experience, and several noted that the class was informative and expanded their horizons for working internationally. One student who is employed locally remarked, “Coming from a procurement perspective, I’m currently navigating the tariffs and trying to figure out where our overseas sourcing costs are going to increase.”

“This has been a unique opportunity to create a rich experience for students using online videos and exercises that was built from the same training material that we present to trade professionals,” said Director of Training for WTC-KY Ian Mooers. “We used an inflatable raft as our export product, and our online training followed along as the raft was exported to a foreign buyer. Based on the knowledge gained through videos, exercises, and our one-day program, these students are trade certified professionals.”

For information on this and other upcoming WTC-KY programs and opportunities, please visit www.wtcky.com.