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HIV treatment organization unveils new brand and focus

LEXINGTON, Ky. — For the past 30 years, AVOL has been the leading advocate in Central and Eastern Kentucky for HIV and AIDS awareness, researching long-term solutions and implementing measures with a goal of one day eradicating the disease for good.

AVOL’s leadership team decided with its renewed focus on advocacy, education and bringing about awareness to the advancements in HIV treatment over the past three decades, it was time to update its brand with a fresh, new and hopeful visual that will become synonymous with the organization’s work. AVOL’s board wholeheartedly endorsed this decision. “It was time for a new look and feel that aligned with our focus on a positive future,” said board president Michael Birchett. “AVOL is such a tremendous resource which can impact even more lives as people living in rural parts of Kentucky learn about our services.”

Executive director Jon Parker sees a bright and positive future for those living with HIV or at risk by simply taking the necessary steps to protect themselves and accepting the support and resources available to them.

“At this moment, we have enough medical technology to be able to strive to end HIV in Kentucky,” Parker said. “We need assistance spreading the word to all parts of the commonwealth that resources are available for testing and medical assistance. This will play an enormous role in our ability to serve individuals outside of central Kentucky.”

AVOL stresses that by using common sense, getting yourself checked regularly and following the advice of trained medical professionals, you can protect yourself from getting the disease. For those living with HIV, with proper medical assistance, HIV is now categorized as chronic, yet controllable, and not life-threating. Also, for people who are HIV-negative there is a drug now available that prevents you from contracting the disease called PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

For more information on AVOL, please visit https://www.avolky.org/