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Kentucky State to distribute laptop computers to its fall freshman class

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The next generation of Thorobreds will not have to include laptop computers on their long list of items required for college success. Kentucky State University will issue every first-time, full-time freshman a new laptop computer.

Giving new students access to laptops support Kentucky State’s new campus-wide Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP): Learning that Works, which equips every student with the necessary technology skills and professional abilities to be workforce ready.

According to President M. Christopher Brown II, faculty frequently noticed many students were retrieving assignments and digital information resources via cell phones instead of laptop computers or tablets. Kentucky State University already provides all of its students access to digital textbooks at no charge as a part of their tuition. However, some data suggests downloading textbooks on their cell phones rather than larger, visible devices can potentially hinder student achievement.

“Providing first-time, full-time students with technology is a proven comprehensive approach toward increasing student academic achievement and improving faculty-student relationships. Additionally, the pervasive use of digital tools in K-12 settings must be continued at the collegiate level in order to cement technological proficiency and millennial problem-solving expectations,” President Brown said. “Our laptop initiative is one of several interventions being employed to accelerate academic outcomes at Kentucky State.”

Kentucky State’s QEP: Learning that Works prepares graduates for the technology-dominated workforce by teaching the “robot-proof” skills that will continue to be beyond the reach of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Every freshman will receive a Dell Latitude laptop with the proper supports, including Windows 10 OS, Microsoft Office, anti-virus protection and technology assistance from Dell and Kentucky State’s information technology office, at no cost to the students.

Students are responsible for the safeguarding of the laptops, which are equipped with a four-year warranty. Students must notify information technology immediately concerning any loss, theft, damage or malfunction of the laptops.

Students that complete the course and degree requirements for graduation at Kentucky State, with no financial obligations, will receive a title transfer of ownership of the laptop upon graduation.