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Louisville launches Scale Up for businesses ready to grow

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Louisville Small Business Development Center, in partnership with Louisville Forward Economic Development, the SBA, SCORE and Sullivan University, announced today the launch of Scale Up Louisville, a year-long program to help small business owners plan for and execute a growth plan.

“Helping existing businesses grow isn’t usually as attention-grabbing as brand-new startup activity, but it’s arguably more important to a local economy,” said Louisville Small Business Development Center director, David Oetken.  “The vast majority of new jobs come from expansions or scaling up, not startups. We’ve always helped position entrepreneurs to succeed, and Scale Up’s programming, events and peer-to-peer roundtables help participants as they execute their plan for growth, and that’s critical.”

The program begins Aug. 21 and will provide direct support to a cohort of 15 business owners through a competitive application process, with the goal of helping companies grow jobs and enhance economic development. Participating entrepreneurs will develop a detailed strategic plan with guidance from subject-matter experts, successful local entrepreneurs, business mentors and peer support. Participants will learn to execute their vision and goals via one-on-one consulting and group coaching held at Sullivan University’s main campus.

Companies that have been in business for at least three years, have sales in excess of $350,000, at least two W2 employees and a leader willing to commit to an initial intensive 12-week program for three hours a week, are invited to apply to Scale Up Louisville.

“We know the three-year mark is a critical juncture for businesses, and helping owners with enhancing their business skills will assure healthier businesses and thereby promote a healthier economy,” said Rebecca Fleischaker, director of the city’s Department of Economic Development. “We are excited to help business owners take their businesses to the next level.”

The initial intensive program consists of topics such as:

  • Sizing up your business
  • Exploring growth opportunities
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Using financial tools
  • Strengthening products
  • Sizing up the market
  • Leading the Organization
  • Managing growth operations
  • Charting financial performance
  • Making it happen

After this phase, participants will take part in a CEO performance roundtable to share peer insights for the remainder of the program year.  Those wishing to apply are encouraged to visit: scaleuplouisville.com.