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Historic number of Kentucky businesses filed annual reports online

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Secretary Alison Lundergan Grimes reported Thursday that a record number of Kentucky businesses have filed their annual report and done so online. Every year in office, Grimes’ administration has broken records in the number of businesses registered, filing annual reports and has seen an increase in online annual report filings.

Businesses registered with the Secretary of State’s office are required to file an annual report with the agency by June 30. In 2019, 203,972 Kentucky businesses timely filed their annual report with more than 160,000 Kentucky businesses completing this requirement online, a record-setting number for Kentucky.

“Over the course of my term, Kentucky businesses have utilized our easy online tools,” said Grimes, Kentucky’s chief business official. “This saves businesses and the Commonwealth time and money. The percentage of entities put in bad standing continues to decrease, allowing good businesses to continue to prosper and our economy grow.”

Grimes reminds businesses that if they have not provided email addresses to her office, they are encouraged to do so. In addition to reminders of important deadlines, the Secretary of State’s office will email notifications of any changes or filings made for their business, which may also help detect attempted business identity theft.

Businesses that have failed to file an annual report by the June 30 deadline will fall into bad standing with the office and will receive a final 60-day notice. Failure to comply with the 60-day notice results in administrative dissolution of the business or revocation of authority to do business in Kentucky.

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