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Meal prep company investing nearly $3 million in Marshall County; 50 jobs

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Meal preparation company MegaFit Meals LLC expects to create 50 jobs over the coming years with a $2.9 million investment to build a new facility in Benton, Gov. Matt Bevin announced Thursday.

“MegaFit Meals’ rapid rise is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success that is engrained in the commonwealth,” Gov. Bevin said. “The company is proving itself to be a valuable and growing contributor to Kentucky’s thriving food and beverage industry. We congratulate MegaFit Meals and the Marshall County community on this announcement, and we look forward to many exciting opportunities ahead.”

Executives at MegaFit Meals, which prepares fresh cooked, healthy meals and ships them across the U.S., plan to construct a 16,000-s.f. distribution facility within Southwest One Industrial Park to accommodate the company’s rapid growth since its founding in 2015. Just two years after the construction of a new facility in Calvert City, the company now needs an operation four times larger because of its ongoing and expected future growth.

“When we started this company four years ago, we never expected it to be where it is today,” said Billy Georgiou, owner and co-founder of MegaFit Meals. “We are really looking forward to expanding the business in our home town where our family started the first business here 46 years ago. We are proud to be a part of this community.”

MegaFit Meals is a USDA certified company that delivers meals to body builders and other elite athletes across the country. Brothers PG and Billy Georgiou co-founded the business, the origin of which began in their parents’ restaurant in Benton.

During their bodybuilding days, the brothers used the restaurant to prepare their meals a week ahead to save time. Members of the pair’s gym took interest in ordering healthy, easy-prep meals for themselves, inspiring the idea for MegaFit Meals.

Rep. Chris Freeland, R-Benton, said this project carries with it the possibility of recruiting others to the region.

“MegaFit’s new facility is exciting news for the potential of Marshall County to attract new, innovative businesses to our communities,” Freeland said. “These 50 new jobs and multi-million dollar investment will provide a strong boost to our local economy, and is just the latest announcement in a trend of positive economic news for our state.”

Benton Mayor Rita Dotson expressed excitement about the project’s potential to benefit the city.

“The City of Benton would like to welcome and congratulate MegaFit Meals LLC on the company’s recent announcement,” Dotson said. “We are excited that you have chosen Benton, Kentucky, as home for your new facility and expansion. This project will be a great asset to our community.”

Marshall County judge-executive Kevin Neal said the new facility stood to benefit the community economically.

“I am excited to welcome MegaFit Meals LLC to Southwest One Industrial Park in Benton,” Neal said. “The new investment and job creation from their new headquarters and production facility will be a tremendous addition to the economy of our community. Congratulations to the MegaFit Meals team on your new project.”

Josh Tubbs, president of Kentucky Lake Economic Development, said he appreciates the company’s continued investment in the region.

“Congratulations, MegaFit Meals LLC, on landing a new facility location in Southwest One Industrial Park,” Tubbs said. “It is exciting to see an existing company in our community grow and we are so very happy that you have decided to continue investing in Marshall County, Kentucky.”

To encourage the investment and job growth in the community, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) on Thursday preliminarily approved the company for tax incentives up to $600,000 through the Kentucky Business Investment program. The performance-based incentive allows a company to keep a portion of the new tax revenue it generates over the agreement term through corporate income tax credits and wage assessments by meeting job and investment targets.

In addition, MegaFit Meals can receive resources from the Kentucky Skills Network. Through the Kentucky Skills Network, companies can receive no-cost recruitment and job placement services, reduced-cost customized training and job training incentives.

For more information on MegaFit Meals, visit www.megafitmeals.com.

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