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Experienced Lexington structural engineering firm acquired by Luckett & Farley

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Louisville architecture, interior design and engineering firm Luckett & Farley has recently acquired Buell Fryer McReynolds Jahed Inc. (BFMJ), a structural engineering firm that had been operating from its Lexington, KY, headquarters for 70 years.

The significant senior-level experience company leaders Ethan Buell and Peyman Jahed bring to the table will be a huge benefit to Luckett & Farley’s clients and increase their firm’s capacity. Buell and Jahed’s experience and dedication to creative innovation make them a perfect fit as the firm continues to enhance design excellence for its clients.

“We’re delighted to add them to our team as senior structural engineers and know our design studios will benefit from their experience and thought leadership,” says Aric Andrew, Luckett & Farley president and CEO.

“We have been really impressed by Luckett & Farley over the years and are excited to be part of a company that values integration of engineering and design disciplines,” says Buell, BFMJ’s former president.

“While we have regularly partnered with architecture firms on projects, we’re eager to collaborate with the architects from the beginning of the project and let more of our structural knowledge enable and shape the buildings’ design,” says Jahed, BFMJ’s former senior vice president.

Buell and Jahed will work out of Luckett & Farley’s satellite office in Lexington and lend their expertise to the firm’s projects scattered around the region and country.