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Kentucky Career Center offers career readiness for state agency recruitment

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Career Center, within the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, is partnering with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to offer career readiness training and assessments to applicants for state government careers.

Featuring 17 of top essential skills identified by employers for potential employees to be successful in the workforce, WIN Career Readiness is a tool available to Kentucky employers at no cost through the Kentucky Career Center. The career assessment tool targets both cognitive and soft skills, which have been identified as key traits for prospective employers seeking to recruit employees into the state’s workforce.

“We are excited to offer recruitment and career readiness tools to our state agency partners,” said Department of Workforce Investment Commissioner Lana Gordon. “Kentucky Career Center services are available at no charge to employers throughout the commonwealth, and we encourage more agencies to take advantage of these valuable tools for the recruitment of highly qualified employees.”

Through the WIN Career Readiness training and Kentucky Career Readiness Certificate, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife is using the KCC career tool for required applicant eligibility assessments. KDFWR utilized WIN for the first time earlier this year to assess prospective conservation officer recruits.

The WIN tool makes it easier for applicants to take the required written assessment, and offers the agency’s Law Enforcement Division within KDFWR greater flexibility by allowing for the assessment to be administered electronically at multiple locations across the state with results immediately available.

“It’s been a positive change for us,” said Col. Eric Gibson, Law Enforcement Division Director with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. “It streamlines the front-end of our hiring process and gives applicants a test that is scored on aptitude and general knowledge.”

The Kentucky Career Center is the state’s dedicated career hub for connecting Kentuckians to education, training and employment opportunities through services available in all 120 counties. KCCs utilize career readiness tools such as WIN to match qualified workers directly with employer and industry needs.

WIN career training is flexible and can be used by employers to target key traits that are essential for success within their respective workplace. Uniquely designed to meet employers’ needs, all trainings are self-paced and available online. Assessments are valid, reliable tools for recruitment, pre-employment selection and training of potential job seekers and employee training and promotion needs.

For more information about the Kentucky Career Center, visit https://kcc.ky.gov.