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Flavorman alters production to manufacture hand sanitizer


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As essential, frontline workers and everyday Americans continue struggling to find hand sanitizer on store shelves, Flavorman has decided to step up and manufacture its own product to fulfill a critical need for its local community.

As a life-sustaining business essential to the beverage industry’s supply chain, Flavorman has been allowed to remain open and operating throughout the pandemic with careful compliance to CDC, state, and local guidelines. Now, the company has expanded its crucial role to become a manufacturer of hand sanitizer.

“The main ingredient for hand sanitizer is ethanol, which is also a component used – in a variety of ways – for beverage development,” said Aaron Parker, COO. “We’re essentially taking some of the ethanol we use for our beverage development processes and applying it to hand sanitizer production.”

In March, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) adopted temporary guidelines allowing for more widespread production of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Since this allowance, Flavorman has been working diligently to manufacture liquid hand sanitizer in bulk according to FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, and has also registered the product as required by the FDA.

“We wanted to do something special to contribute to our local community which has been hit hard by the impact of this pandemic,” said David Dafoe, Founder & CEO. “Providing access to critically needed hand sanitizer is one way we can help small businesses and families stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.”

Flavorman’s educational distillery, Moonshine University, has also been an avid contributor, managing bottling operations for the product. To date, the companies have produced over 17,000 gallons of hand sanitizer.

One-gallon bottles of liquid hand sanitizer are now available to the public for $35 each. Orders can be placed online at flavorlogic.com and retrieved through local, “no-touch” pickups. Pickups can take place Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 827 South 8th Street in Louisville.