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Small Business Snapshot: Detail Lex

Lexington business goes the extra mile to keep vehicles of all sizes looking their best

By The Lane Report

Lexington detailing service Detail Lex offers interior and exterior cleaning for vehicles of all sizes. Owner Daryl Lyons has assembled a team with more than 75 years of experience and a passion for vehicles. Lyons, who holds degrees from the University of Kentucky and Ohio State University, is a member of the Corvette Club and a certified member of the International Detailers Association. Here, Lyons tells The Lane Report about his business and its daily operations.  

When did you open?

The business started in August of 2015.  I bought it in June 2018.

What services do you provide?

We offer interior and exterior detailed cleaning, headlight restoration, wheel repair, dent repair, odor removal, mold/mildew removal and treatment, scratch removals, paint correction and a full line of ceramic coatings that can cover the paint, rims, windows and interior surfaces. We can provide all the services to vehicles, motorcycles, sport vehicles (i.e. side by sides), RVs, semis, heavy equipment, boats and airplanes.

How many employees do you have?

We have 17 employees. Detail Lex has become a family in so many ways. My crew is everything to me and Detail Lex would not be what it is without them. I might own the business, but it is my family that makes it special.

How have things changed in your field since you first opened?

It seems we get new and better cleaning products and tools every year. The shine and gloss from a ceramic coating is like no other and the protection from fading, water spots and light scratches can save  thousands in the long run.

When you meet someone new, how do you describe your job?

It’s the best job in the world! No two days are the same. One day we could be working on a high-end sports car and the next be cleaning out 10,000 Cheerios from a family’s minivan. To take a vehicle or boat and bring it back to its maximum potential is rewarding. We have had astonishment, joy and even tears of happiness. We love to be part of that.

What has been your biggest challenge as a company and how did you overcome it (prior to COVID-19)?

Fear of the unknown. Detailing is not a necessity; it’s a luxury. Customer service is everything to me and I try my best to take care of everyone. 

How is your company involved in the community?   

We have supported many local schools’ sports programs and the Toys for Tots program. We proudly support our Lexington Police Department, the Lexington Fire Department and the Fraternal Order of Firefighters. It is our honor to give back to our community every chance we get.

In what ways has COVID-19 affected your business?

On March 23, we were advised that our business was not listed as essential and should close; we complied. We reopened on May 11, offering all the same services as we did before but have expanded our existing safety procedures to include more personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff; health checks; modified customer check in, check out and lobby procedures; and increased our capacity for vehicle pickup and delivery services.

What do you think will be the long-term effects of changes made during COVID-19 on your business/industry?

Vehicles are often the second largest investment a person makes after the purchase of a home and keeping them looking good will increase the value of the investment. Routine maintenance of your vehicle should also include routine cleaning and disinfection. People are now more aware of keeping germs and viruses off the surfaces that they encounter during the day and your vehicle should be one of those surfaces too.

Detail Lex

Daryl Lyons, CEO/Owner

Main Office: 195 S. Forbes Rd. Lexington, KY 40511

Other location: 540 E. Second St. Lexington, KY 40508


(859) 246-0006

[email protected]