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ShelbyKy Tourism has 7 new reasons to visit downtown Shelbyville

Sculpture Walk offers socially distanced learning experience for residents and tourists
Stargazer Lily by Ben Bridwell, Millennium Steel Werks, 625 Main Street.

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. — As families around the state navigate distance learning, a new attraction in ShelbyKY offers the perfect location for a socially distanced field trip. The recently completed Sculpture Walk includes seven installments located throughout downtown Shelbyville.

The sculpture spots are easily found via a digital map, with printed copies available at the offices of ShelbyKY Tourism (1011 Main Street) and Shelby Main Street (316 Main Street).

Completed following the opening of Stargazer Plaza, which includes one sculpture, the Sculpture Walk further demonstrates the commitment to partnership and growth between the city of Shelbyville, Shelby Main Street and ShelbyKY Tourism.

“While many communities are looking for ways to safely welcome tourists and locals to downtown areas, Shelbyville’s leaders keep coming up with creative offerings,” says Shelbyville Mayor David Eaton. “Alongside the new Stargazer Plaza and soon-to-open Convention Center, the Sculpture Walk is another example of progress, creativity and partnership within our community.”

Featuring the works of talented artists from Kentucky and the southeastern U.S., the Sculpture Walk includes:

  • Butterfly Bench by Phoenix Creative Metal, Shelby County Courthouse
  • Picture Frame by Ben Bridwell, 429 Main Street
  • Reaching for Our Potential by Dave Caudill, Stargazer Plaza
  • Reticulated Iris by Ben Bridwell, 419 Washington
  • Stargazer Lily by Ben Bridwell, 625 Main Street
  • Wind Horse by Dustin Miller, 315 Washington
  • Wings of the Phoenix by Jenny Hager Vickery, Fourth Street Median

Shelby Main Street Director Eilene Collins added, “From flowers, to butterflies, a Phoenix and a Saddlebred Horse, there is a sculpture design to appeal to everyone. For example, we expect to see Picture Frame in a lot of photos. Featuring stainless-steel flowers, vines and leaves growing across a canvas, the sculpture includes a large flower that has the center missing. Visitors are encouraged to stand behind the piece, put their face in the flower space and become part of the artwork.”