Wesley Woodyard’s 16 Ways Foundation provides Fayette County schools with 30 inner city internet hotspots

16 Ways Foundation photo

Lexington, Ky. — One of the many challenges faced with online instruction is a reliable wifi connection. Seeing the need in several local schools, former UK and current 12-year veteran NFL star Wesley Woodyard’s 16 Ways Foundation acquired 30 hotspot devices to provide inner city school students with a much-needed effective connection to the internet.

“This is what we do at 16 Ways,” said Woodyard. “We want to make sure every student in Lexington a chance to succeed – especially in academics. Initially, we planned to launch our Do the Right Thing program, which will encourage and incentivize NTI participation with some celebrity friends. We had to pause. There was an unlevel playing field outside the control of some. We made the necessary adjustments and will continue to be advocates for our youth.”

Since leaving UK, Woodyard’s foundation has made a significant impact on children not only in Lexington, but other communities across the United States. Now celebrating their 10th anniversary of service, the 16Ways Foundation has:
• Donated over 10,000 books to schools
• Collected and distributed over 150,000 canned goods to families
• Offered sports programs attended by over 10,000 school age kids
• Helped with tutoring and academic support programs for 6,000 students

The hotspots, purchased from T Mobile, are being used by middle school students in Lexington. They were delivered prior to Fayette County’s Fall Break.

“We always say, it’s not us, it’s about them,” continued Woodyard. “And during these difficult times, we all need to make sure the children have the tools to continue to grow. They are our future and this is what the 16 Ways Foundation was created for.”

For more information about 16 Ways Foundation, contact LaMont Love at [email protected]