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OneNKY Alliance reflects movement for Northern Kentucky

Name change driven by community vision

COVINGTON, Ky. — The Northern Kentucky based organization responsible for community transformation through the implementation of bold goals has transitioned to a new name to better reflect its vision for the area. The OneNKY Alliance, formerly known as the Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance, is a group of dedicated CEOs with a passion for the community. Its focus on a variety of regional initiatives since 2017 has generated key results for NKY.

Garren Colvin

“These are compelling times for Northern Kentucky,” said Garren Colvin, president and CEO of St. Elizabeth Healthcare, who serves as chairman for OneNKY Alliance. “Collectively we must move our community forward. We must build on bold ideas that lend themselves to the future of NKY. Our name, the OneNKY Alliance, represents unity, oneness.”

The group has implemented a variety of regional initiatives including OneNKY Frankfort, a signature facility within walking distance to the Capital allowing for community voice; One NKY HQ, a planned facility where growth agencies will reside under one roof with aligned strategies and shared services. Health initiatives centered on smoke-free; educational support of the IGNITE Institute and community vibrancy efforts including support of Riverfront Commons have been included in the focus.

Karen Finan

“We are focused on the upward trajectory for NKY,” said Karen Finan, president and CEO of OneNKY Alliance. “Our community faces a unique opportunity for change through the challenges of 2020. We will continue to develop  strategies around shared services by promoting efficiencies throughout our community, municipalities, non-profits; education, and health by closing in on inequities and gaps and other areas that hold both challenges and opportunities for this community.”

The organization has held multiple regional summits with OneNKY stakeholders including community and business leaders, elected officials, educators, and health professionals to collect ideas; convene growth organizations to move the community forward.