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SmileMD launches mobile anesthesia services in Kentucky

DUBLIN, Ohio — Dental sedation organization SmileMD has expanded into Kentucky. It aims to help dentists statewide increase access to care while enhancing safety and efficiency for patients.

“We chose Kentucky as part of our strategic growth plan because we saw the most need for our services across the state,” said SmileMD CEO Saket Agrawal. “It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for patients to get the care they need without having to travel long distances or wait for six to ninemonths.”

SmileMD’s services bring the operating room to local dental practices to provide safe in-office anesthesia, which reduces wait times and distance traveled. SmileMD provides the anesthesia care team, including an anesthesiologist, a recovery nurse, an anesthesia coordinator as well as all of the medications and emergency equipment.

Mobile surgeries were on the rise prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but demand has accelerated due to the coronavirus. Statewide shutdowns and decreased availability of operating rooms have increased the need for creative solutions for reducing waitlists.

“To date, we have saved over 200,000 miles traveled and over 15,000 months in wait times by reducing patient waitlist backlogs,” Agrawal said. “We expect these numbers to continue to rise as dentists across the nation are bringing more services in-house to help improve access to care and mitigate the progression of the disease for their patients.”

The launch saw the first day of in-office patient care in Florence, Ky. Throughout the rest of the year, SmileMD will expand its services to additional offices and cities across the state.