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Business networks support key industries during COVID-19

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — During a time of continued uncertainty for businesses and many industries, Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) continues to utilize industry networks to bring together leaders to discuss overarching problems and brainstorm solutions to benefit the broader business community.

To support Greater Louisville’s key industries, GLI, alongside private-sector partners, operates three industry networks focused on uniting companies with a vested interest in the future of their specific industry. Health Enterprises Network, Advanced Manufacturing, and Logistics Network, and TechFirst have created an infrastructure to keep leaders connected and engaged, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this year GLI launched TechFirst, the region’s formalized technology structure that brings together leaders in the space to support and develop meaningful initiatives to grow greater Louisville’s tech industry through business attraction, retention, and expansion but more importantly by developing, attracting, and retaining talent.

The tech industry has grown over 20 percent since 2003 and is projected to grow an additional 20 percent in the next decade. Currently, Louisville is home to 2,000 tech companies, including 400 plus startups.