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OneNKY moves the community forward

Organization aims to transform NKY by uniting leaders around vital regional initiatives

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The OneNKY Frankfort house is a branded location near the Kentucky Capitol.

By OneNKY Alliance
Market Review Underwriter

Our community has long recognized the need to build on bold ideas that lend themselves to the future of Northern Kentucky. With each visioning process, we have progressed, matured, and achieved key objectives related to governance, job growth, community vibrancy and much more.

We now find opportunity, amplified by the need to continue our upward trajectory, through inclusion and fairness. And these are the bold ideas that when implemented, provide a voice for NKY. The OneNKY movement looks to unify our community through a larger voice, more efficient governance and higher standards of living for all community members. It is a direction that propels us forward and will be achieved through passion for change and dogged pursuit of excellence. We come together because doing so allows us to innovate and improve our community together in a way that benefits everyone – and in a way that allows us to expand activity by attracting more people, business, talent and investment to our region.

The OneNKY Alliance is a group of leading CEOs dedicated to the future of Northern Kentucky. The organization’s focus on a variety of regional initiatives since 2017 has generated key results for the community. The OneNKY Alliance has conducted multiple regional summits with stakeholders including community and business leaders, elected officials, educators, and health professionals to collect ideas and convene growth organizations to move the community forward.

Formerly known as the Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance, we recently rebranded as OneNKY Alliance because we want to emphasize the strength we have as a community when we move forward together, as one. And to show that we are unified as we build our community and region for the future. While we have always believed in this power of one, we are showing it now more than ever.

“These are compelling times for Northern Kentucky,” said Garren Colvin, president and CEO of St. Elizabeth Healthcare, who serves as chairman for the OneNKY Alliance. “Collectively we must move our community forward, identifying innovative and unified approaches to both challenges and opportunities along the way. This is what the OneNKY Alliance is about, and the most effective way forward – together as one.”

Consider just a few of the OneNKY early successes and concepts underway: OneNKY Frankfort at 418 Capital Ave., within walking distance of the Kentucky Capitol, allows for a presence and larger voice as we accelerate growth, pursue policy and secure funding for our future. This strategic coworking facility has been met with much enthusiasm and success in its first operating year. An initiative of the OneNKY Alliance and member company St. Elizabeth Healthcare, sponsors include CVG, Corporex, DBL Law, Fischer Homes, Northern Kentucky University, NKY Chamber of Commerce, Tri-ED and Ziegler & Schneider.

The future OneNKY HQ building, planned for Covington, will centralize our regional growth organizations under one roof, allowing us to easily share resources, align strategies and accelerate growth. We have been on this journey as a community for quite a while. Since 1981, every visioning effort has called for a multi-association building. Accelerated efforts over the past two years with OneNKY Alliance partnering with the Catalytic Fund and leading developer Corporex has placed this project on the fast track.

The impact is already apparent. We have set the tone for co-location among NKY growth organizations by exploring and implementing various shared services, all with a strong focus on what matters for OneNKY and the strategically aligned. This allows OneNKY to focus on regional alignment for Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties, and the 400,000-strong resident population and businesses served.

The need for a larger voice calls for a tangible plan that instills a sense of place, unity and support of the region’s branding. In concert with the OneNKY facilities, our community can find its voice across multiple media platforms, offering information and elevated awareness of this place we call home – a place that thrives now, and will continue to do so in the future, so long as we continue to build it together.

“We are focused on bold, regional outcomes through OneNKY,” said Karen Finan, president and CEO of OneNKY Alliance. “We continue to develop strategies around shared services by promoting efficiencies throughout our community, municipalities and nonprofits; education and health by identifying and eliminating inequities; and community vibrancy through a focus on job growth in key areas. We will continue to position NKY for the future.”