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Bingham Fellows plan 4 projects to make Louisville a top-tier city

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – After one year of deep exploration and creative problem-solving, influenced by the momentous events of the last year, the Bingham Fellows Class of 2020 revealed initiatives focused on the topic, “Making Louisville a Top-Tier City,” at a virtual event in February.

The 42 community leaders who make up the class presented four projects that evolved from ideas that would push the community forward to tools that would help the entire community rise together – stronger, and more equitable. The projects include a focus on connecting all individuals in the digital realm and ensuring equitable resources for small businesses and neighborhoods. To make this possible, one of the projects is focused on expanding resources by giving citizens the opportunity to decide how to invest in the community.

The Class of 2020 has had a year like no other in Bingham Fellows’ history. Forty-seven leaders had just started their research on how to propel Louisville toward becoming a top-tier city when COVID-19 brought our city’s momentum to a screeching halt. When summer 2020 brought cries for justice, the class came to an undeniable realization: To be a top-tier city, they must engage the whole community.

With that guiding premise, the class developed four initiatives designed to lift up those previously left behind so the city can move forward together. The projects include: Digital Inc(Lou)sion — Digital Access For All; 2 to 22Empowering Black Businesses; Thrive in Lou Strong Neighborhoods; You Decide, Kentucky!Resources in the Hands of Citizens

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