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Small Business Snapshot: Hitting the Mark

Louisville ad agency prides itself on helping companies get their message to the world.

By Lorie Hailey

For 35 years, Vimarc has helped companies of all sizes and from many business segments share their stories with the world.
The full-service advertising and marketing agency in Louisville began as McDevitt Henle Koetter. After a couple of rebranding campaigns— and many years— the company now operates as Vimarc.

Vimarc takes pride in its creative work to promote businesses and nonprofits, but also in its company culture. Its 21 employees are a close-knit group of passionate, hardworking individuals who are also flexible, relaxed and social. Vimarc was named among the Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville in 2020 in the category of companies with 10-24 employees.
Here, Jason Lee, vice president and creative director, shares a bit of Vimarc’s story for this edition’s Small Business Snapshot.

The Lane Report: What services/products do you provide? 
Jason Lee: Vimarc is an advertising and marketing agency, providing strategic leadership, media services, integrated communications, creative development and account management for companies of all sizes.

TLR: How did you get interested/started in your field?
JL: I’ve always been interested in creativity and art, and I’ve always appreciated good advertising. I studied fine art in college and landed a job with a printing company; it was the closest I could get to anything related to design with no experience. The things I learned about the printing process during that time led me to Vimarc (then MHKS), where I became a production artist.

TLR: When you meet someone new, how do you describe your job?
JL: I tell them I’m the luckiest guy in the business to be surrounded by people more talented than me who inspire creativity. I love to solve problems and I love it when things click for a company that has a need that smart advertising and marketing can solve. I work with a team of thinkers, creators and doers who create magic from what is often chaos, and that makes me—and the companies we work with—very happy.

TLR: Tell us about a recent project or development that you are proud of.
JL: I’m proud that we are trusted to provide Medicare information and materials to eligible recipients across the country—a feat that takes many months, extreme attention to detail, and a high level of organization and coordination.

TLR: What has been your biggest challenge as a company and how did you overcome it?
JL: The biggest challenge is to retain talent. Without talented, committed and hard-working people who are willing to give their skills and talent, we would be an organization without solutions. Retention is about more than benefits and compensation; we believe in a culture that supports our employees on every level— professionally and personally— and we believe that it’s OK to work hard and still have fun.

TLR: How is your company involved in the community?
JL: We provide advertising and marketing support to many nonprofit organizations in several markets, and we are involved in each of their causes in various ways, from pro bono and discounted services to hands-on volunteer efforts. We provide paid volunteer time so our employees can be involved in the causes and organizations that are important to them. And we regularly have company-wide volunteer events to support needs at the local level.

TLR: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your company?
JL: Vimarc is a special place. Our hustle, our drive, our creativity and our talent—all driven by the brains in the building—make us a unique agency. There’s no place I’d rather be.