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Approximately 100 full-time employees at Aisin Automotive Casting in London have volunteered to take a three-month layoff in response to the company’s request to help balance production with lowered demand for car parts. Those who volunteered for the temporary layoff will retain medical coverage and other company benefits, but will also be eligible for unemployment benefits. Aisin officials say if market conditions improve within three months, the employees will be brought back sooner. Aisin’s Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs John Gilbert told The (Corbin) News Journal that a permanent layoff was “unthinkable” for the Japan-based company. “Aisin is a company that firmly believes in respect and appreciation,” he said. “They view people as an asset, not a liability. Layoffs are absolutely the furthest thing from their mind. … In Japan you stay for the rest of your life.” The London plant employs approximately 600 people.