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With the country’s economy continuing to wane, Propulsys Inc., a Hopkinsville company that is a global supplier of components used in mobile hydraulic drives and industrial applications, has had to reduce its workforce for the second time in four months. The most recent layoff has cut 60 jobs from the Propulsys plant in Hopkinsville and 40 in China; the first round of job cuts came in August, with 90 jobs being eliminated in Hopkinsville. Propulsys President and CEO Rich Maddux said the layoffs stem from the fact that the company’s primary markets – construction and turf care – are being significantly affected by current economic problems. Maddux said Propulsys will be focusing on new growth opportunities in the agricultural and European markets to help sustain the company. Propulsys, formerly known as White Hydraulics, has been in operation in Hopkinsville since 1982.