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Horizon Community Funds launches new fund with Brighton Center

COVINGTON, Ky. — Horizon Community Funds has created a nonprofit fund in partnership with Brighton Center to support new opportunities to make a gift furthering the mission of Brighton Center.

Graduates of the Kentucky Essential Skills Certificate, one of the many workforce development and career support programs at Brighton Center.

“Brighton Center serves a wide-range of needs in Northern Kentucky, all aimed at helping individuals and families better their situation and reach self-sufficiency” said Nancy Grayson, president of Horizon Community Funds. “We look forward to being a part of their mission to help the Northern Kentucky community thrive.”

Brighton Center is a private, not-for-profit community-based organization serving individuals and families in Northern Kentucky since 1966. Brighton Center’s mission is to create opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency through family support services, education, employment, and leadership. Brighton Center’s vision is to be an innovative leader that strengthens the vitality of the community and engages people as they work and live to achieve their hopes and dreams.

From modest beginnings in 1966 in a Newport storefront, Brighton Center has grown to provide a uniquely comprehensive range of programs and services, including family and work supports; financial and homeownership services; workforce development services including education, employment, and training programs; early childhood education; youth programming; substance abuse recovery services for women; and neighborhood-based programs including housing development.

During the last fiscal year, Brighton Center impacted the lives of 27,194 individuals, from infants to older adults, across all eight counties of Northern Kentucky and beyond. Knowing that for families, all things are interconnected — the success of a child is interdependent on the success of their parent(s) or caregiver(s); the parents’ success is interdependent on the support of their family, friends, and community. Offering holistic services to parents and children not only reinforces impact but also accelerates it as both children and their parents build a solid foundation for the future. Brighton Center strives to advance integration and bundling of 47 distinct programs in a seamless way for families so that there is no wrong door to receiving services. To do this, Brighton Center brings to life their values, working in partnership with families to build on their strengths, recognizing that they know their situation best and that they are capable of making decisions that impact their lives.

“We are so grateful for this partnership with Horizon Community Funds that will provide another pathway for donors who are interested in supporting individuals and families on their journey to self-sufficiency,” said Wonda Winkler, president and CEO of Brighton Center. “Brighton Center is truly a community of support that has grown to provide a uniquely comprehensive array of programs and services that are integrated to meet the needs of the whole family, leading to their financial stability and independence and the best quality of life possible.”

Fund partnerships with Horizon Community Funds provide a flexible way for donors to support their preferred nonprofit organization or charitable effort. Donors can make an endowed gift to support the mission of the nonprofit organization for generations to come or can opt to make a non-endowed gift which provides funding for needs as they arise in Northern Kentucky. Horizon Community Funds offers donors and fund holders a deep connection to Northern Kentucky, including its nonprofits and needs.

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is a qualified public charitable 501(c)3 organization established as a community foundation in 2017 by Northern Kentucky leaders. Its mission is to unite resources to raise the quality of life for all people in the Northern Kentucky community. Learn more at horizonfunds.org.

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