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Preston Area Business Alliance launches on Thursday, February 10

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A new business association is launching on February 10 to serve the businesses along the Preston Highway corridor. The Preston Area Business Alliance is forming to advance businesses through enhanced connection, understanding, and action. The area has been without a coalition of businesses for many years.

Prosper Preston contracted with the Louisville Independent Business Alliance to assist with forming the organization. After conducting surveys of businesses, residents and corridor users, a key learning was that interest is high in forming a business association to address issues and gain synergies for the area.

A “launch” committee formed and has been meeting periodically over the past year to lay the foundation. The current members of this committee are:

  • David Beck/Kentucky Venues
  • Councilwoman Nicole George (District 21)
  • Eric Keyes/Keyes Architects
  • Steven Matly/Matly Digital Services
  • Kevin Moore/Kentucky Venues
  • Councilman Pat Mulvihill (District 10)
  • Rachel Roarx/District 21 Office
  • Patricia Williams/Wesley House
  • Geoff Wohl/District 10 Office

Some of PABAs potential plans include:

  • Capitalizing on our strength in numbers
  • Using a unified voice to work with the city, state, LMPD and other agencies
  • Exploring potential for cost savings in services (ie. litter pick up, beautification, etc.)
  • Exploring potential for area branding, directories and events
  • Using our ability to apply for funding and grants to benefit the whole area
  • Continuing to work toward community building, networking, creating neighborhood pride and working to address area issues and concerns.

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