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The Bottom Line: General Assembly overrides governor’s veto

by Jacqueline Pitts

Lawmakers voted to move forward with changes to the state’s unemployment insurance system following a veto by Gov. Andy Beshear last week.

House Bill 4, sponsored by Rep. Russell Webber, reforms Kentucky’s unemployment insurance system while supporting re-employment, job training, and economic growth. The bill makes several changes to Kentucky’s unemployment insurance system:

  • Ties the number of weeks an individual can receive benefits to economic conditions.
  • Provides an upskill provision to allow claimants to receive up to five additional weeks of benefits if the claimant is enrolled in pursuing higher education or training certifications.
  • Strengthens Kentucky’s work search requirements for benefit claimants
  • Makes unemployment insurance taxes fairer for small businesses and new employers.
  • Establishes a “work-share” provision that gives employers an alternative to lay-offs.

Both the state House and Senate voted in favor of overriding the veto, meaning the bill will become law barring any court challenges.

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