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KCTCS celebrates Community College Month

kctcs, coronavirusVERSAILLES, Ky. April is National Community College Month and the 16 colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS)  are celebrating their commitment to providing Kentuckians with the opportunity to get a college degree, whether they want to transfer to a four-year college or earn a credential and get to work quickly. Community colleges were founded on the concept of social justice and since 1998, over one million Kentuckians have begun their higher education journey at KCTCS.

Here are ten things you need to know about Kentucky’s community and technical colleges:

  1. KCTCS is the largest provider of postsecondary education, online and dual-credit classes, and workforce training in Kentucky.
    • 2020-21 enrollment – 92,672 (42.2% of public postsecondary undergraduate enrollment).
    • Since 1999, our enrollment has increased by 83.5%.
  2. KCTCS has the lowest tuition in the state (about ½ of the state’s four-year institutions) and provides students with a debt-free path to getting a college degree.
    • 76% of KCTCS students receive financial aid and only 15% take out student loans.
  3. KCTCS colleges are community-based and have a campus within a 30- minute drive of 95 percent of every Kentuckian.
  4. KCTCS faculty are invested in the success of their students. They have real-world experience, a passion for teaching and the exact same qualifications as a university professor.  In fact, they don’t rely on teaching assistants to teach classes nor are they busy doing research.
  5. KCTCS is focused on student success and since 2000, has increased the number of credentials awarded by 483% and the number of graduates by 262%.
  6. KCTCS is committed to getting students on a quick path to a career and awards 97% of all short-term certificates in Kentucky.
  7. KCTCS provides the majority of technical education in the state.
    • KCTCS trains 82% of Kentucky’s skilled trades workers in fields like construction, lineman, HVAC, plumbing and welding.
    • Awards 62% of the state’s allied healthcare credentials.
  8. KCTCS offers over 100 credential pathways leading to employment in high-growth industry sectors. In 2020-21, KCTCS awarded nearly 40,000 postsecondary credentials, 78.2% of which align with the top five industry sectors in the state.
  9. KCTCS is focused on workforce education with more than 3 million participants having received workforce training through the KCTCS Workforce Solutions division since it was created.
    • Last year 4,793 businesses were served and 76, 539 workers were trained or assessed.
  10. KCTCS provides students with a seamless path to transfer to a four-year college at half the price.

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