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Envision AESC Break Ground on Electric Vehicle Battery Factory in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Executives from Envision AESC break ground on a $2 billion state-of-the-art electric vehicle battery gigafactory in Bowling Green’s Kentucky Transpark.

Envision AESC’s investment will create 2,000 full-time jobs in the region to operate its 30 gigawatt-hour plant, which has the potential to expand to 40 gigawatt-hours. At the plant, the world-leading Japanese EV battery technology company will produce battery cells and modules that will power next-generation EVs by multiple global automotive manufacturers.

The groundbreaking of the approximately three million-square-foot Kentucky operation marks the next step for one of the largest economic development projects in the state’s history. Envision AESC’s facility further establishes Kentucky as a leader in the automotive industry of the future. The company will produce next-generation battery cells that provide 30% more energy density than the current generation, leading to reduced charging times and increased range and efficiency for EVs. The Bowling Green operation is expected to power up to 300,000 vehicles annually by 2027.

The operation will also make EVs more accessible and affordable by implementing high-tech capabilities to increase cost-competitiveness and technological expertise of EV battery production in Kentucky and the United States. The gigafactory will be powered by 100% renewable energy, supplied by onsite generation and purchased locally from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

“Envision is delighted to join with Kentucky and Bowling Green today to break ground at the site of our new state-of-the-art gigafactory,” Envision AESC U.S. Managing Director Jeff Deaton said. “We are extremely grateful for the level of support they have shown to get us to this important point, which highlights the strength of our enduring partnership and shared ambition to be national leaders in the e-mobility transformation in the United States.”

“Our new gigafactory and supporting ecosystem will provide a catalyst for further investment in the local supply chain and whole lifecycle opportunities of batteries, creating thousands of new jobs in the heart of Warren County and securing Kentucky’s leading role in the automotive industry of the future,” Deaton added. “We look forward to developing the next stages of this important project together.”

Japan-based Envision AESC is a world-leading battery technology company committed to research, development, design, manufacture and sales of high-power batteries for EVs and energy storage batteries. The company has 4,000 employees across 10 production plants in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and France. Over the past 12 years, Envision AESC has produced high-performance, extended range batteries for more than 650,000 EVs in 44 countries, achieving a record of “zero critical battery malfunction.” In June 2021, Envision AESC was named to the “Global Tier 1 Battery Companies” list by Benchmark, a leading U.K.-based lithium-ion battery supply chain research organization.

Envision AESC invests heavily in next-generation technology to drive innovation and works with its strategic partners to continually push the boundaries of performance, safety and efficiency. Its teams work with strategic partners to continuously improve the company’s global leadership in product development, quality and sustainable processes.

As an integral part of its global strategy, Envision AESC works collaboratively with businesses, supply chains, academic institutions and governments to accelerate the transition to zero emissions mobility in the coming decades. Envision AESC has committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions in all global operations in 2022 and carbon neutrality across the whole value supply chain by 2028.

Envision AESC leadership noted Kentucky’s strong automotive manufacturing base, skilled workforce and excellent infrastructure as deciding factors in the site selection process. The commonwealth has a longstanding history of automotive production as the nation’s No. 1 per-capita producer of cars, light trucks and SUVs and currently houses more than 525 auto-related facilities employing 100,000 residents across the state. Since the start of the Beshear administration, Kentucky has announced more than 100 auto-related projects totaling $9.5 billion in new investment and 11,500 full-time jobs. EV-related growth has been a significant part of that continued growth, with the burgeoning sector generating over $8.5 billion in new investment and well over 8,000 full-time jobs announced.

For more information on Envision AESC, visit Envision-AESC.com/en.

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