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Bluegrass Airport to host master plan open house

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The open house is between 5:30-7:00 pm on Thursday, September 22, at the Keeneland Library. Participants will be able to visit various information stations and provide feedback on the development of the airport’s new Master Plan, which will create a strategic vision to accommodate the future aviation needs of the region.

This plan will cover all aspects of airport infrastructure and review areas such as safety, passenger experience, facilities, and corporate and private aviation. During the master planning process, the airport and its team will gather and analyze data about the existing facilities, including physical and operational aspects as well as environmental and financial considerations. This information will be used to create projections for future needs.

“Public input from customers, neighbors, businesses, policymakers and community organizations will help us create a plan to ensure that our airport can provide the highest quality facilities and services for our community,” said Eric Frankl, president and CEO of Blue Grass Airport.

The airport will also consult with local, state and national experts as it creates a new plan for the future. A community leadership advisory committee and technical advisory committee have been formed and are meeting periodically to provide input and advice.

The airport’s latest economic impact study demonstrates that Blue Grass Airport provides an economic impact of $370 million and 3,478 jobs. These figures continue to grow yearly, so the Master Plan will ensure the airport can successfully accommodate current and future passengers. The last master planning process was completed in 2013 when the previous plan from 2005 was updated.

For more information on Blue Grass Airport’s Master Plan process and how to get involved, visit https://www.bluegrassairport.com/masterplan/. Members of the public can also provide comments online and receive updates throughout the project.  

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