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SBA funding aids Community Ventures in growing small businesses

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky small business owners and entrepreneurs received a much-needed boost in the form of subsidized training and business development support through Community Ventures, which has been awarded a $691,663 grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This SBA award to Community Ventures will provide pre- and post-loan training and technical assistance to small business owners to help them to start, stabilize and expand their small businesses.

Community Ventures offers a variety of services to small businesses. These include specific business training support through Business Development Specialists who meet with business owners to review business plans, develop marketing strategies, set up point-of-sale systems and more. These entrepreneurs also have access to capital to start or expand their businesses with microloans as low as $500 and as large as $50,000. Driven by its mission to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership, Community Ventures serves businesses throughout the state, with primary offices in Lexington, Louisville, Millersburg, Campbellsville, Owensboro, and Bowling Green.

“We continue to play a vital role in strengthening small businesses in Kentucky,” said Brenda Weaver, Community Ventures’ President of Housing and Lending. “We know that entrepreneurship is integral to developing a community, creating jobs, and providing important services to people. The SBA funding has been indispensable to that work, and their commitment to Kentucky communities allows us to have the impact we continue to have.”

Community Ventures has a longstanding relationship with the Small Business Administration. This relationship has been integral to the growth of thousands of small businesses throughout the state. Community Ventures has received this grant for training and technical assistance in previous years for similar purposes. The SBA also funds the Women’s Business Center of Kentucky, an organization specifically designed to support women-owned businesses by providing training and technical assistance to women entrepreneurs at every stage of business development.

As post-pandemic recovery continues, the SBA’s investment with Community Ventures and the work it facilitates continues to be crucial to the stabilization and growth of existing small businesses in Kentucky, and to the launch of new ones. With this SBA funding, Community Ventures stands ready to help businesses pivot where needed or adapt their business practices to a rapidly changing world. Community Ventures has worked with hundreds of business owners this year to find solutions to problems faced or help them secure additional financing as needed.

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