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A $1 million commitment from BB&T Corp. will allow Western Kentucky University to create the BB&T Professorship in Economics for the Study of Capitalism. “Although most business schools address capitalism in a perfunctory manner in basic economics courses, very few strive to incorporate these concepts in advanced business courses and nourish the understanding of their impact on competitive advantage and the economic well-being of society in general,” said Dr. William Tallon, dean of WKU’s Gordon Ford College of Business. “We believe there needs to be a deeper understanding of the morality of capitalism and its causal relationship to economic well-being,” said BB&T Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Allison. “This contribution will encourage business graduates who enter the workplace to have a firm grasp of the moral principles underlying the free markets, a better understanding of our economy, and an enhanced ability to make meaningful contributions to the world.” WKU is one of 25 universities selected by BB&T to receive the funding.

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