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Fort Knox Army Human Resources Command event aims to modernize HR support

Regiments of the Leader Development and Assessment Course at Fort Knox go through a graduation ceremony.

FORT KNOX, Ky. — Seeks ways to improve service to soldiers and their families, the U.S. Army Human Resources Command at Fort Knox on April 26 is holding a Conversation with Industry civilian leaders aimed to create a collaboration allowing potential partners to shape proposals on how they might meet the command’s emerging HR requirements.

“HRC is hosting an industry day event to provide a forum for HRC senior leaders to articulate their transformational vision for providing more engaged, agile, and responsive human resources support to the Army,” said Col. Kristin Saling, director of innovation, HRC. “It will also enable industry to shape future proposal submissions fully informed by the commanding general’s intent and engage at the right level.”

Establishing a transparent, agile and customer-centered organization focused on service excellence will prepare HRC to support the Army of 2030, ensuring its readiness and competitive edge to fight and win our nation’s wars well into the future.

“It isn’t a stretch to say that transforming the way the Army provides human resource services and support is critical to fielding the Force of the Future and continuing the All-Volunteer Force model,” Saling said.

The command handles all personnel services from the moment soldiers are recruited and manages their records and benefits long after they leave the Army, she said.

“The touchpoints HRC has with soldiers and families needing support and services, units needing talent, and the Army’s digital capability needing personnel data and technology impact a customer base of over 4 million people, and these have a critical impact on the Army’s ability to recruit and retain talent and stay ready,” Saling said.

Although these engagements and partnerships are vital to fulfilling HRC’s technology and technical capability needs, industry partnerships also support HRC’s innovation in different ways, she said.

“People think of industry partnerships often as just procuring technology or services, but we also look for opportunities to hold best practice exchanges, coordinate internships and training with industry opportunities, and do cooperative research into improving best practices for the whole field,” Saling said. “As good stewards of our resources, we need to make sure we create the best partnerships and import the best solutions.”

For additional information about Conversation with Industry, contact Maria McClure, Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, at (502) 613-4211, or by email at [email protected].

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