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Price Points

By wmadministrator

The price of whatever you sell carries with it a discomfort for most salespeople.

Actually, price or fee or rate is a logical progression of a presentation. If the rest of the elements of a presentation have been properly communicated, and transferred, then price is not a barrier to sale.

Why do salespeople have a fear of price presentation? Their belief system is weak.
They’re not certain of their product, their ability to deliver their message, or the customer’s desire to purchase. And they’re not certain of themselves. When belief is weak, price is a bigger barrier to the salesperson than it is to the customer.

If you’re ready for the customer, proud of your company’s products and services, believe in the value of what you’re offering, communicate effectively and have a high level of self-confidence, you don’t have to worry about price.

There are six keys that will help you in moving forward with price confidence:

1. Study your past successes. Look at all the reasons why customers bought from you in the past.

2. Prepare your presentation in a manner that discusses prices and fees along the way, not at the end. That way, the customer knows there is a price attached to your product or service. The sooner it’s discussed, the easier it is to make value the heart of your presentation.

3. Convince yourself that you’re offering the best products and services in the world for value received. Your belief in what you sell is evident to the prospective buyer.

4. Believe that the customer is better off purchasing from you. When your belief is so powerful that it becomes transferable to the prospective buyer, then you have become believable and trustworthy.

5. Bring testimonials to the presentation. Let them hear the voice of other customers who have paid your price and are glad they did.

6. Bring your best self to the meeting. The better prepared you are, both physically and mentally, the easier it will be to deepen your belief system, raise your self-confidence, and walk in with a feeling of relationship rather than sale.

These personal elements and sales tools, when present as a group, will make a compelling message, prove value over price, and create the atmosphere in which the customer will want to buy.