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National Corvette Museum opens “Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined” exhibit

New Sinkhole Exhibit Celebrates 10 Years of Progress


BOWLING GREEN, KY, June 14, 2024 – Today the National Corvette Museum opened a new, limited engagement exhibit that expands on the timeline of the infamous 2014 sinkhole that captured worldwide attention. Much like the history of Corvette, Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined, tells a story of resilience, giving visitors a chance to reflect on the recovery efforts and encapsulating a decade of progress since the cave-in.

“We are excited to open Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined as a tribute to the growth and vision of the National Corvette Museum and to remind Corvette enthusiasts worldwide how far we’ve come since that fateful morning,” said Kaye Wagner, Chair of the National Corvette Museum Board of Directors. “This special exhibit allows us to reflect on the challenges we faced, and the tremendous progress we have achieved since then.”

The three-month, limited-engagement exhibit features:

• Recovered Sinkhole Corvettes: One-of-a-kind Corvettes recovered from the Sinkhole and brought out of long-term storage including the ZR-1 Spyder, 1962 Corvette, and the 1.5 Millionth Corvette, displayed alongside the 2009 ZR-1 Blue Devil and One Millionth Corvette.
• Personal Interviews: Hear firsthand accounts from Museum staff about the discovery of the Sinkhole, the recovery process, and the progress to today.
• Museum Chronology: Reflect on the Museum’s transformative journey over the past decade, including the repair of the Sinkhole, two generations of Corvette, two dozen new exhibits, capital improvements to the Stingray Grill, McMichael Education Gallery, and much more.
• Original Sinkhole and Boulder: Museum admission includes access to the Skydome, featuring a viewing platform to see the 40-foot Sinkhole. Visitors can also see the original boulder that impacted the Mallett Hammer Corvette, located outside the Stingray Grill.
• New Ways to Experience the Story: An example of continued progress, Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined will feature special braille labels for all five Corvettes, created in partnership with American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Guests will have the opportunity to explore a collection of Corvettes and artifacts that showcase the Museum’s journey during and following the catastrophe,” explained Robert Maxhimer, Director of Curatorial Affairs and Education. “From the restoration of damaged Corvettes to the ten years of progress that has touched every corner of the Museum, Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined highlights our commitment to preserving Corvette history while embracing progress.”

Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined opens to the public on June 14 and will run through September 15. Plan your visit to explore the Museum’s history and see the legendary Sinkhole Corvettes before they return to long-term storage and out of public view.