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Louisville International Airport lowers airline fees

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 31, 2013) —The Louisville Regional Airport Authority Board has lowered various fees for signatory airlines at Louisville International Airport, effective Feb. 1.

Louisville International Airport
Louisville International Airport

Included in the reductions is a 4.9 percent decrease (from $1.422 to $1.352 per 1,000 pounds of maximum gross landed weight) in landing fees with the savings passed directly to the airport’s airline partners.

“The airline industry continues to make adjustments in an era of unpredictable fuel prices and fluctuating demand for passenger and cargo services,” said Skip Miller, executive director of the authority. “This reduction in landing and other rental charges at Louisville International helps reduce the airlines’ operating costs and demonstrates our continuing commitment to retain and enhance passenger and cargo air services to our community.”

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority owns and operates Louisville International Airport (SDF) and Bowman Filed (LOU). The authority is self-funded and does not receive any local or state funding for the routine operations of either airport.