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Peak 10 launches unique cloud-based SQL Database as a Service solution

Cloud provider among the first to offer multi-tenant SQLaaS with business continuity and disaster recovery features

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 21, 2013) National IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider Peak 10 Inc., which has one of its major data center operations in Louisville, today announced the launch of one of the industry’s first multitenant “SQL as a Service” solutions in the cloud. Peak 10 SQL as a Service is a high availability, database as a service (DBaaS) solution that provides access to a secure, high-performance managed database environment for running, developing and testing Microsoft™ SQL-dependent database applications. Resource levels can be quickly and cost-effectively scaled based on business needs, without interrupting operations, all while providing availability guarantees, performance assurances and reduced costs compared to dedicated database environments.

Peak 10 SQL as a Service is built on Microsoft SQL Server™ 2012. No capital investment is required, and customers can purchase the compute and storage they need, as they need it. Peak 10 holds the SQL Server 2012 license, so customers receive all the advanced features of the latest edition of Microsoft’s cloud-ready information platform without the costs associated with licensing and managing a dedicated environment.

Peak 10 SQL as a Service provides local and geo-redundant redundancy, with a primary replica, a local secondary replica (synchronous/automatic failover) for business continuity, and a geo-diverse replica (asynchronous/manual failover) for disaster recovery. All systems are always monitored 24/7/365, and are bolstered by Peak 10’s SQL experts and a redundant cloud infrastructure.

Peak 10 SQL as a Service puts the responsibilities of round-the-clock, best practices monitoring and management in the hands of its SQL Server experts and enterprise-class management platforms. The solution saves time and eliminates the burden to install, configure, maintain and manage the platform. Peak 10 performs hourly transaction log backups and daily full backups with 14-day retention. And because Peak 10 SQL as a Service allows connectivity from the native SQL Server management tools, it feels familiar to the customer’s development team.

Peak 10 operates data centers in ten key U.S. markets, serving customers around the globe. Peak 10’s enterprise-class facilities are the backbone for its robust cloud offerings. In addition to itsEnterprise and Private Cloud services, Peak 10 offers a HIPAA-compliant Cloud service, a PCI-compliant Cloud service and a Recovery Cloud service.